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Japanese Artist’s Stunning Photograph-esque Illustrations Look Like A Charming Anime

It’s hard to look at the illustrations of Kouki Ikegami and not feel as if you’re looking at the concept art for a gorgeous anime film. The talented illustrator has a beautiful way of turning simple everyday surroundings into charming and nostalgic worlds of art. Two renditions of his gorgeous “A large cloud and small railroad crossing” based off of Kusatsu Station in Shiga prefecture.

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Ikegami’s attention to detail of real life settings and backgrounds has some of his illustrations being compared to the beautifully animated films of Makoto Shinkai. Many on Twitter have pointed out how some of the finer details–such as the wear and tear on some building structures, sign lettering, and even the LINE messenger app on a girl’s cell phone–make the illustrations appear as actual photographs.

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