Custom BMW R NineT Bike by Russian Custom Workshop Zillers Garage

Russian custom workshop Zillers Garage known far beyond the borders of the country. They did his new job together with the Russian division of BMW Motorrad.

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The project was based on the BMW R nineT, a neoclassical model that quickly became popular. The air-cooled box and propeller shaft are classic BMWs. In the new Zillers custom, it’s very difficult to recognize the R nineT. But its highlight is not only in design – there are enough references to the history of BMW.

The capitation, which in its forms recalls the aircraft of the beginning of the last century, minimalistic instruments, and milled rims made in the form of aviation turbines – all this refers to the aviation past of the Munich brand. One of the main “tricks” of the Zillers Garage custom was the air suspension developed from scratch. And here it serves not only aesthetics: the bottom of the motorcycle performs the function of a step!

Nobody has done this yet. Unique technical solutions – a visiting card of Zillers Garage, which can be traced in every work. The project from Zillers Garage has completely preserved the functionality and driving characteristics of the BMW R nineT. It has a comfortable fit, the keyless start of the engine, anti-lock braking system.

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