The French Executioner, the Murderer of Kings, and The Subtle Dandy: Art by Shin-ichi Sakamoto – Design You Trust

The French Executioner, the Murderer of Kings, and The Subtle Dandy: Art by Shin-ichi Sakamoto

Shin-ichi Sakamoto is a famous Japanese mangaka, the author of the seinen series Kokou no Hito and the remarkable near-historical Innocent, a story about the difficult daily life of Charles-Henri Sanson, the executioner of the French Revolution.

What’s striking is not only the attention to detail that Sakamoto applies to his drawings, but also how subtle and highly refined the visuals are in his work as a whole. The deep shadows, the light but crisp lines, the rhythm of the narrative, and the historical costumes and locations, it’s mind-blowing, because they’re so painstakingly done.

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