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‘Game Of Thrones’ Hide 6 Iron Thrones Around The World And Lead People On An Epic Scavenger Hunt

Throne of the forest, United Kingdom

As Game Of Thrones, one of the world’s biggest television series, is nearing its finale, the creators decided to surprise their fans once more, this time by leading them on an epic scavenger hunt all over the world. “To find what?” you may ask. And the answer is to find nothing other than the epic Iron Throne itself – or six of them, for that matter.

h/t: boredpanda

Throne of Valyria, Brasil

Throne of joy, Spain

Throne of the North, Sweden

Throne of Ice, Canada

Throne Of The Crypt, Queens, USA

HBO teased fans with 360-degree videos of the hidden thrones and offering clues that would help find them. It did not take long for people to find the first four thrones, given only the obscure clues but the last one, located somewhere cold, still remains a mystery – let’s hope it’s not somewhere in Antarctica!

People are sharing pics of the thrones they found:

Jonathan Vitblom

Michał Rybczyński

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