A Daredevil Photographer is Determined to Capture London in a Whole New Light – by Scaling the City’s Many Rooftops

Jacob Riglin, from Richmond Upon Thames, photographs the nation’s capital from above – hanging from scaffolding, dangling his legs over the edge of buildings and looking down from perilous heights.

Jacob looking out to the London skyline.

The Tower Bridge.

Such images have gained the photographer, 20, an incredible fan base on Instagram, which has seen his follower count rise to more than 150,000.

Jacob looking out to the London skyline.

He said, “I had always been interested climbing and getting that adrenaline rush from feeling on top of the world”.

The Houses of Parliament.

Jacob looking out to the London skyline.

Jacob looking out to the London skyline.

London skyline.

London skyline.

Jacob looking out to the London skyline.

London skyline.

Leadenhall Building.

London skyline.

Jacob looking out to the London skyline.

Jacob looking out to the London skyline.

Jacob looking out to the London skyline.

London skyline.

London skyline.

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