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45 Comics With Twisted Endings For People With A Dark Sense Of Humor

If there were fifty shades of darkness in comics, these would be next-level dark. French art director and comic artist Rémi Lascault has been shaking the online world with his very dark jokes since 2017 and 60.4K followers on Instagram can’t get enough.

Lascault’s four-panel comics don’t need any dialogue to put the unexpected grim twist at the end that will probably make you feel a little bad for laughing. The artist describes his style as “rough,” and says that the most challenging part is “coming up with the right stupid joke and twisting it in a not-so-stupid way.” As a result, we get witty comics that seem normal in the first two panels and quickly go to absurd, weird, and somewhat creepy places.

These comics were designed especially for people with dark humor, so consume at your own risk! And if it’s not dark enough for you, check out more of the artist’s ideas in his previous posts here and here.

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