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Biting Illustrations That Uncover All Of The Human Essences In Modern World

Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka are twin Israeli illustrators who are famous for their extraordinary paintings. Bright and highly philosophical, their works accurately present the authors’ vision of the modern world.

More info: Tomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka (h/t: brightside)

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Missing a friend who died during army service:

How to bluff everyone, including your girlfriend:

About things a guy should know how to do around the house to make his woman happy:

How to protect your privacy on-line:

Changing the way the world gets lucky:

The great Canadian wealth test:

For an article about parents eco proofing their lives believing plastic toys and processed food are the major threat to their family safety:

You’re Not Boring Anymore:

Sex tourism:

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