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In Love To Nature And The Sea, This Artist Upcycles Old Surfboards And Create Art On Them

According to an artist: “My name is Claire Marie. I am a full-time surfboard artist based in Western Australia.

Why is my work different? – I take old surfboards that have had their time out in the ocean and are destined for the landfill, and I create pieces of art from them. The boards are custom hand-painted pieces, and these are up-cycled second-hand surfboards, sealed for display only!

It’s the small details in the artwork that makes each commissioned surfboard unique and personal! They can evoke memories of a certain place and have a special meaning with the recipient. The surfboard itself holds its own memories from the time it has spent out in the waves. So by commissioning an up-cycled surfboard, you are not only saving these boards and giving them a second life, but you are enabling these memories to live on!

Each board has a small handwritten note on the back, which gives a little insight into the story of the board and the artwork.”

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