Miss Tuning Calendar 2016

Cover. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

Brand new “Miss Tuning Calendar 2016” is out now. Presented by Tuning World Bodensee, famous international tuning show. Featuring Liane Günter, a 25-year-old nurse from Germany.

January – BMW E30 320i. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

February – VW Golf 7 GTD. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

March – Audi A4 Cabrio. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

April – VW Golf I. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

May – Opel Kadett E. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

June – Mercedes W114 Coupe. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

July – VW Kafer 1200. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

August – Audi A3 8L. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

September – Trabant. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

October – VW T5 Multivan. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

November – Ford Focus RS. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

december – Mercedes E500. Photo © Tuning World Bodensee

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