Body Artist Emma Fay Transforms Models Into Animals In Mind-Bending Optical Tricks


There is something frightening and at the same time appealing in the living sculptures of 27-year-old British artist Emma Fay. Body art in conjunction with the flexibility of acrobats and fantasy of the artist using water-based paints, a brush and sponge, is transformed into a beautiful work of art.

h/t: dailymail. Photos @copy; by Jonathan Macauley


It is not immediately possible to make out the human body in the picture. First you look at the landscape and suddenly begin to distinguish someone’s arm, or neck. Or you look into the eyes of an amazing bull, and it turns out that it is perfectly folded back. Lovely people, temples are and wonderful people-insects are.


Miss Fay said Daily Mail, the art reminds her of “the remarkable ways animals have evolved to survive in their surroundings”


“For me, it’s kind of exploration of evolution – a study of the remarkable things humans can do with their bodies and the remarkable ways animals have evolved to survive in their surroundings. I consider them pieces of art, not body painting.”


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