22 Absurd And Weird Facts That Are Actually Completely True

Do you know how much a typical cloud weights? 1.1 million pounds! Amazing, right? And hard to guess, indeed. This is not a well known and absolutely logical fact like, for example, that it rains diamonds on Jupiter.

Oh, you didn’t know about that, either? It’s okay, the people from ScoopWhoop gathered for us over twenty unbelievable and weird facts that are true and no one would guess and made great minimalistic illustrations for each of them.

This series is called “Bullshit Facts”, but as much as you want to say the B word while you read these facts, all of them are well checked and completely true! So, replace the B word with the Wow! in your mind in advance and check out the gallery of “Bullshit Facts”.

More: Scoop Whoop h/t: demilked, theawesomedaily

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