This Is How Surrealism, Sweetness, and Eroticism Are Linked – The Beautiful Bizarre Art by Relm

Meet Relm. Her work is mostly the fantasy themes of fairies and jungles. Her prints and paints will take you to the magical world we all dream of in living surrounded by fairies and mystical creatures. Her medium of painting is watercolors, pencils, ink, and even some oily paints.

This artist showcases the sweet dreams and the sweet fantasies we subconsciously foster. She throws light on them through her artwork is a contrast on how surrealism is linked with erotism. She essentially paints women and these women are seen enjoying when sexually subdued by their partners. She paints women together, enjoying each other’s bodies and this (bold assumption) explains what a female’s embrace feels to another female.

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Women are tender, almost magnificent and so majestic. In most of her paintings, women are covered in flowers, which could mean that female bodies are utterly beautiful; something so fragile yet so powerful. Her paintings radiate positive sexual energy and can make you feel a thing or ten. You are bound to have these overpowering sexual imaginations, so much so, it feels surreal. Her paintings show women salivating and craving to feel powerful when united with another body.

The use of bondage and is almost appalling, but it evokes strong sexual fantasies. Her illustrations are magnetic, they will have your attention because the women are seen enjoying themselves. It may be bold of me to say but it’s asserted that most women don’t enjoy themselves when they get intimate with their partners. Relm perfectly mixes the surreal scenarios in her paintings with the hidden surreal objects and bees in a fun and cute way.

Strictly NSFW.

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