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Powerful Illustrations By Japanese Artist That Will Make You Think

The Japanese illustrator known as Avogado6 uses the language everyone understands—and that is no language at all. It’s probably because the delicate topics and complex emotions he conveys are too difficult to describe with words, so this artist chooses thought-provoking visual stories in his unique style.

Most of his illustrations are like pills, each containing the flaws of our society and mental struggles. And I must admit, some of them are really hard to swallow. His emotion-fueled, dark, and disturbing illustrations talk about things you wish no one relates to; however, it’s a pretty accurate, yet haunting, depiction of the depths of our world.

We’ve previously shared the artist’s artwork here and here, and today we have collected some of the greatest illustrations he has done in the last few years.

More: Avogado6, Twitter, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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