Person Uses Artificial Intelligence To Make Anime And Cartoon Characters Look More Realistic

Cartoons and anime have been and are a big part of a lot of people’s lives. They offer us grand adventures, fun, and exciting plotlines and storylines, unique, driven, and lovable characters. But have you ever wondered what the characters we all know and love would look like if they were realistic?

Shenoa Loewy had the same question. So they decided to put that to the test using artificial intelligence, more specifically an app called Artbreeder.

More: Instagram, TikTok h/t: boredpanda

Shenoa told Bored Panda: “I’ve had an interest in anime for a very long time, but it was only after finding Artbreeder that the idea of making characters came to mind. I started doing it just for fun and made some pretty rough drafts. Once I got better at making accurate faces and hairstyles, I thought it might be fun to share them with others. This is when I decided to start my Instagram account and later my TikTok.

What really inspires me to make each character is how much I love the shows they come from. I love the different hair colors, styles, designs, and looks that they all have. It’s really fun and challenging to try and bring those elements to life in a realistic way.”

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