The Best Street Art Masterpieces of 2013

By Nuxuno Xän, Martinique.

By Mona Caron, San Francisco, USA.

By Ernest Zacharevich, Italy.

By Wild Drawing, Athens, Greece.

By Ernest Zacharevic, Malaysia.

By Banksy, Los Angeles, USA.

By CASE, Wittenberg, Germany.

By Pejac, Spain.

By Sharik, Simferopol, Ukraine.

By Eduardo Kobra, Moscow, Russia.

By Etam Cru, Richmond, USA.

By Seth, Paris, France.

By A’shop, Montreal, Canada.

Sainer (Etam Cru), Gdynia, Poland.

Cosmo Sarson, Bristol, England.

Dresden, Germany.

By OakOak, Norway.

Beach balls painted to look like eyes put in a tree for Halloween.

By Above, London, England.

By Fintan Magee, London, England.

By TASSO, Germany.

By Sbagliato, Italy.

By Smates, Brussels, Belgium.

By Dome, Karlsruhe, Germany.

By Aakash Nihalani, Norway.

By Skurktur, Norway.

By Martin Ron, Las Vegas, USA.

By OakOak.

By ROA, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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