Artist ‘Vandalizes’ The Streets With His Fun And Unique Pixel Art

It’s sad to see that youthfulness and playfulness often disappear when you grow up. Everything becomes kind of bland. We stop enjoying the little things in life.

But what if those simple things were a little bit more playful and fun themselves? Let’s take the streets, for example. We walk through them almost every day and they’re usually pretty meh. But what if they had hidden Easter eggs that would make your day a little brighter?

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

That’s what Johan Karlgen has in mind when he creates his street art. The Swedish artist creates pixelated art pieces that make bland locations much more interesting. They almost always interact with their environment and even though they are not realistic, they blend in very well. His themes usually range from video games to movies to other pop-culture references. Johan went viral on Reddit recently because of his transformed concrete barriers in a parking lot. He made them into a Toblerone chocolate bar.

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