“Rise and Shine”: The Superb Gloomy Pop-Art Illustrations of Bogdan Timchenko – Design You Trust

“Rise and Shine”: The Superb Gloomy Pop-Art Illustrations of Bogdan Timchenko

There are no criteria for creativity, everything can be called art, declares Krasnoyarsk illustrator Bogdan Timchenko. Today he is a popular artist of both bright and gloomy pop-art sketches and posters.

“Usually it’s characters first of all some from childhood, which is fun to draw. Well, some character from my childhood, which is more fun for me to draw, and it’s very easy to start doing it, if you don’t want to, you don’t have any ideas, you just take it and start,” Bogdan says.

Most of Bogdan’s works look gloomy, one would think that they were created under the influence of some negative experiences, but the artist himself claims that it’s just a matter of the technique he uses.

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