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Butts on Things: Illustrator Brian Cook Draws Butts on Everything

Because Everything Looks Better with a Butt In Brian Cook’s debut collection of fun, offbeat illustrations, beers have rears, Tetris® becomes Butris and balloons bear backsides.

Hot dog buns have buns of their own, and condiments are down-right cheeky. Shatter your assumptions about who and what can rock a rump because with a little imagination, anything is possible. Whether you’re seeking a good chuckle, are into unconventional art or are simply looking to get to the bottom of an eccentric curiosity, you won’t want to put this gem of a book down.

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Brian Cook is a one-headed, two-armed illustrator that resides in Portland, Ore. He is the author and illustrator of Beware the Haunted Legs and the creator of Teeny Press. He has worked internationally on a wide-range of illustration projects. His art can be seen in comics, on gig posters, t-shirts, and company logos. Notable clients include Capitol Records, Warner Brothers Records, Facebook, Target, Kelloggs, Nike, Threadless, Woot, and his uncle Doug.

He was raised in Michigan on a healthy dose of cartoons, comics, cereal, and Oreos.

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