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21 Watercolors That Show How The Sun And Shadows Change Cities

Hotel In Havana

Maja Wrońska is an architect, watercolorist, and freelance illustrator based in Poland. She creates mostly watercolors that focus on architecture and cities. Among others, he works were exhibited at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, on the set of several TV shows. She is also an author of the Grönby motif for IKEA.

According to Maja: “I created several watercolors of cities that show how the sun shines and how it changes the atmosphere of these places.”

More: Maja Wrońska, Instagram, Behance h/t: boredpanda

Havana Area Of The Old Town

Bar And Restaurant In Rome

Bar In Lecce

Rome Buildings

Bar In Havana

Havana Building Facade

Restaurant In Rome

Sign In Amsterdam

Casa Consistorial De Sevilla, Seville

Restaurant In Toledo

Havana Sun

Calcada Do Ferragial Lisbon, Portugal

Rome Gelateria Near The Pantheon

Via Urbana, Rome


Rome Pizzeria Entrance

Chiesa Di Santa Maria Dela Presentazione In Venezia


Cassis, France

Piazza Di Pietra, Rome

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