Swim 115 Feet Above London in the World’s Only See-Through Sky Pool

Suspended 35 meters above the ground, between two new residential buildings in London’s Nine Elms business district, the highly-anticipated Sky Pool makes you feel like you’re swimming through the sky.

Measuring 25 meters in length, the transparent outdoor pool was designed by HAL Architects. It is made out of acrylic and can hold up to 148,000 gallons of water. The impressive sky pool is the centerpiece of Embassy Gardens, a new 2,000-home development in the Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station regeneration zone. When it opens, next month, Sky Pool will become the most exclusive place to take a dip in all of Britain.

More: HAL Architects, Instagram h/t: odditycentral

According to HAL Architects: “Following the success of the first phase of Embassy Gardens in London’s Battersea, HAL architects, in collaboration with Arup Associates, are working for Ballymore Properties and its partner Ecoworld to prepare an application and detailed designs for an extensive second phase of 872 new homes, which includes private for sale, shared ownership and affordable rental units in three buildings. The buildings are connected by a landscaped link at first floor allowing residents access to a range of outdoor spaces and amenities including a ‘working from home’ business area, gym and rooftop bar, and the swimming pool, that bridges the main entrance.

The 35m high suspended swimming pool, or ‘sky pool’, has been extensively covered in the international press and on social media. The transparent acrylic pool, which is structure free, will span 14m between two of the three residential apartment blocks offering undisrupted views of the iconic Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

Key partners on this project and the wider development also include Camlins, and Luis Bustamante.”

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