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Amazing Vintage Photos Captured Inside the WTC’s Windows on the World, the Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World


In 1976, a unique dining experience was born in the heart of New York City. Perched on the 107th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, Windows on the World opened its doors to the public. The restaurant quickly gained fame for its floor-to-ceiling windows that offered breathtaking views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.



Windows on the World was more than just a restaurant with a view. It was a culinary journey that took diners around the globe without leaving their seats. The menu featured dishes from every corner of the world, and the staff mirrored this global diversity.

The celestial views and adventurous menu made Windows on the World an unparalleled date spot. Its chic ambiance and unique offerings were hard to match.


However, this iconic establishment met a tragic end. On September 11, 2001, Windows on the World was destroyed. That fateful morning claimed the lives of all 72 restaurant staff present, along with 76 guests and other workers. Among those who perished was the executive director of the Port Authority, who was having breakfast at the time of the attacks.

One haunting image from that day, known as “The Falling Man,” is believed by some to be Jonathan Briley, an audio technician at Windows on the World.


In memory of their fallen colleagues, former staffers opened a restaurant in Manhattan in 2006 named Colors. This establishment serves as a tribute to those who lost their lives at Windows on the World.

To honor this iconic restaurant, I’ve compiled some vintage photos from its heyday, including one from its founding year in 1976


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