Secret Life of The American Teenagers in Urban Paintings by Mark Tennant

Prepare to be amazed, the paintings of New York-based artist Mark Tennant are some of the most captivating works of contemporary art today. Each work almost feels like a photograph taken at just the right moment, as if someone is walking around with a camera snapping photos of the nightlife. However, these works of art are not photos they are paintings.

Somehow even with his simplistic style and use of wide brush strokes and obscure figures. Tennant is still able to create such a realistic appearance to his works. Mark’s paintings also echo a heavy influence from the 1950s-1970s from its style of fashion and interior design. Considering he was born in 1950 this works could possibly be from photos of life in his young adulthood or even distance memories. Guess that is a question we would have to ask the artist himself someday.

«Discomfort is the only state in which to remain unpredictable and fresh.»

More: Mark Tennant, Instagram, purpleartforall h/t: myartisrealmagazine

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