This Artist Photoshops Celebrities Hanging Out With Their Younger Selves, And The Result Will Make You Feel Old – Design You Trust

This Artist Photoshops Celebrities Hanging Out With Their Younger Selves, And The Result Will Make You Feel Old

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Imagine if you could go back in time and meet your younger, wilder self? What words of advice would you have? Dutch artist Ard Gelinck hasn’t invented the time machine just yet, but his brilliantly photoshopped images of iconic people and their younger versions might just be the next best thing.

The seemingly posed photographs depict celebrities such as Freddy Mercury, Tom Hanks and Madonna side by side in before-and-after versions of themselves, looking for all the world like best buddies hanging out and having a great time together.

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#Repost @freddiemercuryclub with @get_repost ・・・ #10yearchallenge ❤ . "I don't worry about my age because I know I look beautiful anyway… 😍😏 But having said that, I just think that sometimes age is a good quality because age means experience. And I'm using all the experience I've gathered over the years to benefit by. And to be honest I don't worry about it because why should anybody worry about age because there's nothing you can do about it. You can't get younger. And as far as I'm concerned I just want to pack in as much of life and fun and having a good time as much as I can within the years I have." -Freddie Mercury (From an interview in 1985) . 👉P.S. Words to live by…💪 . 📷 Many of you guys asked me to post this photo so here! Credits and thanks to @ardgelinck for making it🙏 . #FreddieMercury #age

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