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Women Serving Their Sentences In One Of The Russian Prisons Perfectly Re-Creating Classic Paintings

At the IK-2 correctional facility in Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia, women serving their sentence took part in the “Isolation” contest.

A suit, makeup, interior details or a landscape behind your back – and here you are in the image of Mona Lisa. During the period of self-isolation, a creative campaign in which people depict the plots of famous paintings and share their photos became popular. Women serving a sentence in the correctional colony № 2, do not lag behind the fashionable trends.

The specifics of the closed institution made its corrections, but the contest for the best reconstruction of the painting was held, bringing a lot of emotions and impressions to all participants. Women know that art is the ability to see the beautiful in everyday life.

Most of the participants chose recognizable paintings by domestic painters. There were presented “Unknown” by Ivan Kramsky, “Alyonushka” by Viktor Vasnetsov, “The Merchant at Tea” by Boris Kustodiyev, “Swan Princess” by Mikhail Vrubel, “Troika” by Vasily Perov, “Reapers” by Alexey Venetsianov, “Portrait of the Man in the Red Turban” by Jan van Eyck.

Positive emotions are known to strengthen the immune system. In addition to the emotions received, in the process of creative work the convicted women learned a lot about artists, their lives and the history of creating paintings.

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