Brazilian Dentist Felipe Rossi Treat The Teeth Of Poor People

Some people just can’t stop doing good deeds. One of them is Felipe Rossi, the founder of Por1sorriso. Felipe is a Brazilian dentist who has traveled the world with volunteers in order to provide vital dental care free of charge for people that normally cannot afford it.

More: NGO Por1sorriso, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

The NGO Por1sorriso was founded in 2016. Thanks to volunteers and financial support coming from various sponsors, and fundraising, Felipe, together with a team of 18 people, have the chance to keep changing people’s lives. Por1sorriso was created for those that live in low-income communities and underprivileged areas, mostly in East Africa and Brazil.

Healthy and beautiful teeth do not only make people feel good physically but also mentally. They get more confident and optimistic. Because of Felipe’s initiative, the less fortunate people have a reason to smile again! Look at their happy and bright faces. It is amazing how powerful a smile can be.

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