Artist Creates Bags With Scary Faces On Them

Do you like wearing unique outfits and accessories? Well, artist Petra Banyai from Nottingham, UK can make your wish come true. The talented artist makes bags that will make people look twice.

More: Etsy, Instagram h/t: playjunkie

She explains that growing up, she was always interested in arts and creative activities. Since she began her artistic career the self-taught artist has been experimenting on things she finds important so she could improve her art and make her creations more useful.

“I often use relief techniques in my paintings and collages. I was wondering if I can make these reliefs durable enough to be worn. I finally came up with a technique what works on bags.”

And her designs are both creepy and unique! If you are curious to see more of her work, have a look on Instagram or check out her Etsy store where you can purchase some of her creations.

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