In Celebration Of Pride Month, IKEA Unveils Limited-Edition Rainbow Shopping Bag

IKEA has launched a rainbow-coloured version of its Frakta shopping bag in the US to promote equality for the LGBT+ community. The limited-edition Kvanting tote is a version of the classic blue Frakta bag, featuring six stripes in the colours of the most common version of the Rainbow Flag – the international symbol for gay pride.

More: IKEA h/t: dezeen

“At IKEA we embrace diversity. In support of this year’s IDAHOTB we will once again be flying the rainbow (LGBT+) flag from all our UK and Ireland stores and units on 17th May, to celebrate diversity and show our support for LGBT+ co-workers, customers and the whole community.”

“To celebrate and to better support our LGBT+ co-workers and communities across the UK, we have released a limited edition, rainbow version of our iconic blue bag. The sale of these bags will help us contribute and participate in local Pride events and other LGBT+ initiatives.”

“We invite all IKEA co-workers and customers to show their support for the rights of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities as we continue to press for a fully inclusive work environment and community. That is why we have joined Workplace Pride Foundation and Stonewall, two organisations focused on ensuring greater LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and wider society.”

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