This Alien Face Mask Is Sure To Keep Covid At Bay

Leather craftsman ‘Pirate’s Leatherworks’ made this Facehugger face mask because it was only a matter of time and I’m surprised it took this long.

It looks as incredible as it does non-breathable. I mean, is that leather? Viruses aren’t getting through there, but neither is oxygen or anything else. Except maybe Facehugger testicles. I definitely see some Facehugger testicles and they’re disturbingly close to the mouth.

“All my items are hand made from start to finish using traditional tools and techniques with the finest leather and hardware available to bring you the best quality items,” he wrote.

More: Instagram, Facebook, Shop h/t: geekologie

This isn’t the first time someone’s tried to make a ‘protective’ Facehugger face mask.

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