Artist Crafts Incredibly Realistic Gigantic Flowers Out of Paper


San Francisco-based artist Tiffanie Turner has had a lifelong obsession with botanicals, expressing her adoration in the form of incredibly realistic paper flowers. Using delicate crepe material, she crafts soft-looking petals that have the same creases, folds, and postures to convincingly mimic nature.


The faux florals vary in dimension, and Turner is as comfortable working in a palm-sized scale as she is creating massive pieces that are nearly three feet wide. At that size, projects can take anywhere from 35 to 80 hours to complete.


Turner’s intricate sculptures often depict healthy, living flowers, but she’s recently been experimenting with blooms that are wilting. These withering pieces are still beautiful, and highlight the poetic, if not poignant, circle of life.


In addition to being an artist, Turner is also a teacher. She hosts workshops around the country that demonstrate how to create your own folded-paper masterpieces.


You can view more amazing works of Tiffanie Turner on her website, blog and Instagram.

Via My Modern Met, Hi-Fructose

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