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The Creepy Doll Adoption Agency

So you’ve inherited your grandmother’s precious dolls, which she cherished, but you can’t stand them because they look so creepy? You aren’t alone, as many people end up with dolls that are ugly, haunted, or give off uncanny valley vibes. You could toss them, but that’s neither respectful to grandma nor is it environmentally-friendly. What to do?

Sara and Brian have found their niche in recycling. They run a program called Unsettling Toy Removal and Rehoming, in which they take in your unwanted dolls and offer them to people who are not so bothered. If you’re interested, you can look through the dolls that are available, or for a real horror show, scroll down to see their collection.

More: Unsettling Toy Removal and Rehoming, Instagram h/t: sadanduseless

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