These Tan Leather Boots Are Inspired By Those Worn By Luke Skywalker – Design You Trust

These Tan Leather Boots Are Inspired By Those Worn By Luke Skywalker


If these tan leather boots look familiar, that’s because the designer behind them – Althea Fyfe – designed them with the style of Luke Skywalker in mind. Duck boot in style, the boots are designed to be a desert boot rather than a winter boot and feature a canvas, leather and rope composition.

h/t: trendhunter


Completely made by hand, the leather boots fit onto the foot almost like a baggy sock; from here, the loose canvas fabric is tied in place to keep the boot taut on the ankle.


Intended to be comfortable and durable, the tan leather boots are a true work of beauty by Fyfe and draw the mind to the desert planet of Tatooine in a galaxy far far away.


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