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Japanese Company Creates One-Piece Transparent Anti-fog and Anti-Splash UV Sunglasses

Sunglasses are made of lightweight plastic and fully ergonomic. Meanwhile, it comes with the one piece nose pads to let you more comfortable. It’s scratch-resistant and unbreakable. Enjoy the comfort while being stylish!

More: Amazon h/t: odditycentral

To be honest, it’s hard to tell whether the eyewear designed by ZGHYBD is a visor or a pair of sunglasses; on one hand, it covers the whole face, like a face shield, but then it features one giant polarized lens and features a frame that slides behind the ears, like traditional eyeglasses.

Plus, it’s obviously designed as more of a fashion accessory than for practical use. Still, as far as eyeglasses go, this is one of the weirdest ones we’ve seen yet, concealing not just the eyes, but most of the wearer’s face, including the nose and mouth.

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