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Introducing Freka – World’s First Ergonomic Facewear Crafted for an Enhanced Breathing Experience


Pioneering a new age in ergonomic design, Freka has today revealed the world’s first ever facewear product, ‘Limited Collection N°1’ – a bold blend of science and style.

Ergonomically crafted to deliver extraordinary comfort, harnessing the contours of the face, Freka Limited Collection N°1 is a truly luxury solution that works to enhance and improve every breath.

Inspired by the classic styling of British tailoring, Limited Collection N°1 is handcrafted in the UK and boasts a thoroughly minimal aesthetic. Touches of the East are introduced through premium Urushi lacquerwork, whilst the scent of Japanese Hinoki wood calms the senses.

The principles of ergonomics, the science of refining design to optimise them for human use, are at the very heart of Limited Collection N°1. The new product, created collaboratively by a team of experts in ergonomics from the world of design, engineering, and medical science, launches later this month and will be available from Freka.

Freka Designer Frank Borsboom said, “We have spent a lot of time carefully studying the face to create something incredibly unique that truly defines the meaning of facewear. However, considering our face is the most complex and sensitive part of our body, we feel we have just tapped into the limitless possibilities of facewear and look forward to expanding our collection beyond ‘Limited Collection N°1’.”

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