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This Man Collects People’s Drawings Made On A Map By Walking, Running, Cycling, Or Driving

How many calories does it take to draw an image? A smart person would ask, well, what kind of image are we talking about? And we’re talking about Strava art, a very peculiar form of drawings that are drawn with sweat.

But don’t get confused: sweat isn’t the medium that’s used to draw it, but it requires a lot of it because the Strava artists need to run, jog, kayak, or do whatever it takes to actually make a drawing that can be seen from a map. The gist of it is to plan out your course on a GPS, execute it, and voila, you have a drawing on your phone.

But none of this post would be possible without the effort of graphic designer and cyclist Gardy Cordery who collects and archives these art pieces from whoever he may receive them from. Let us show to you his collection, and you’ll see what we mean for yourselves.

More: Instagram, Strav.Art h/t: boredpanda

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