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“Days of Thunder”: Atmospheric Cityscape Oil Paintings by Bozhena Fuchs

According to Bozhena: “I’m an artist currently living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. I graduated from Uzhhorod National University with a Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Political Science.

I have always been an artist deep inside my soul. Trying many different styles, I realized that my top favorite are: oil painting and a palette knife. I create paintings with bold color and thick texture to evoke a sense of energy and life. Using intense powerful brushstrokes and a variety of palette knives, I sculpt the paint creating a thick texture that is not only visible but can be actually felt.

Goal of every piece of art is – to make it alive. It can be found only through creative search. Work and soul of the master adds a sparkle and makes it vivid. I like conceptual art if it is breathing and has a story to tell.

I am grateful for your interest in my art. Hope you will enjoy it.”

More: Bozhena Fuchs, Instagram, Behance

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