Photographer Uses Her Dad’s Old Slides To Create A Nostalgic Photo Series

Catherine Panebianco is an artist whose work longs for a sense of place, catches hold of memories, and chases the spirits of those we currently love, and those that continue to surround us from our past. Her work explores how we connect with others, with our past, and with ourselves.

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The said artist is an award-winning US-based photographer. Recently, she started working on a new project where she took her father’s old slides and did some “then and now” comparisons of places, hoping to create a touching visual tribute full of memories and nostalgia.

The old slides her father took were full of Panebianco’s family photos, but there was a much deeper reason as to why the photographer felt so attached to the slides themselves, as she even gave an explanation on her website. “No Memory is Ever Alone is a visual conversation between me and my dad. Every Christmas, he used to bring out a box of slides that he photographed in his late teens and early 20s and made us view them on an old projector on our living room wall telling the same stories every year. It was a consistent memory from a childhood where we moved a lot and I never felt like I had a steady ‘place’ to live and create memories.”

Given that, we invite you to scroll down and take a look at some of the sentimental photos the photographer decided to share with the world.

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