Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings By War And Peas

“War and Peas” is made by a two-headed squad hailing from the German-French border town Saarbrücken. Jonathan Kunz works as a lecturer at the local art school and Elizabeth Pich works as a freelance comic artist. Since 2011 they joined forces to publish comics together on the internet. Their comics often deal with unfulfilled desires and the tragedy of the modern human condition, featuring such characters as sassy robots, woeful ghosts, and highly-skilled dogs.

More info: War and Peas, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

Their stories concentrate on observations of everyday life, with a pinch of black humour, often leading to a trenchant plot twist – and all in a four-panel-format. They encounter their characters with tenderness, at the same time focusing on their loneliness and hopeless inadequacy. Still highly underestimated in Germany, Pich and Kunz publish a new strip every week in a stoic calm, conquering the hearts of the international webcomic scene and making “War and Peas” to one of the most exciting and funniest webcomics in the world.

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