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“Where Is My Mind”: Superb Surreal Collage Artworks By Aidan Sartin Conte

talian artist and photographer Aidan Sartin Conte creates amazing collages exploring the connection between the human mind and its environment in his ‘Chrononauts Stories’ and ‘Where is my mind’ series.

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“What is the mind of a human being for, if not to be constantly elsewhere? ‘Mind’ (with consciousness) is the spiritual and vital part of the human being; the ingredient that turns our watery and physical body in a sophisticated, salty and flavorful amalgam. The mind distinguishes a conscious man from an instinctive animal. Is the power to escapes the constraints of social and economic differences and the limits of space and time.”

‘Where is my mind’ is the product of these inspirations and the belief that the ‘journey’ not only open the mind, but it gives it a new shape.

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