85-Year-Old Farmer Given Makeover By Grandson And Is Transformed Into Fashion Icon


The young creative, who goes by the name XiaoYeJieXi (@小野杰西) on Weibo, dressed the octogenarian in fashionable pieces like colorful three-piece suits, felted hats, and tailored denim. XiaoYeJieXi then photographed his grandfather among a vibrant cityscape, resulting in series that looks like it’s on the pages of a glossy magazine.

h/t: mymodernmet, cctvnews


Despite the polished look of these images, XiaoYeJieXi’s intention wasn’t for commercial fame. He simply wanted to give his grandfather a makeover and take him for a tour around the city. It’s in contrast to the elderly man’s regular life in the rural Fujian Province, where he gardens and farms vegetables.


Here’s how the grandfather dressed pre-makeover:


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