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Watercolor Painter Uses Traditional Techniques To Reveal Expressive Faces Of Tibet


Chinese artist Liu Yungsheng is one of the leading watercolor painters of his generation. Making use of inherited traditional techniques, Yungsheng creates hyperrealistic portraits that convey a trademark observational style. Each depiction seems more photograph than painting, as Yungsheng’s portraits seem to come alive by capturing his subjects, down to the smallest detail.


Born in the 1950’s, Yungsheng spent a majority of his life in and around Tibet, and his works tend to focus on the people, landscapes and lifestyle characteristic of this region and era. He has won several gold awards for his watercolour paintings, gaining special recognition for his intensely detailed portraits. His stunningly realistic paintings serve to showcase the beauty that lays in the finer details and celebrate humanity, wrinkles and all.

h/t: mymodernmet, fubiz


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