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Not Your Innocent Colouring Pictures: The Superb Collages by Ihor Hora


In an attempt to cope with his hate for the Russian invaders, photographer Ihor Hora has created a series of collages depicting Russian soldiers who pose no danger anymore.

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“My collages are based on war photographs published in open sources. Some of them don’t even require artistic interpretation — those are art pieces in their own right, like the picture of a dead Russian soldier, on whom someone put an accordion. In such cases, all I have to do is make the photo more evocative and more pleasant to look at. Dead bodies are an ugly sight, even if we are talking about our enemies. However, everything changes once you make the picture more colourful. Collages are an art therapy of sorts — they help me cope with my hate. You paint over the dead enemies, and they become abstract splashes of colour.” – Ihor Hora.


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