French Artist SLip Creates Delightfully Otherworldy, Colorful and Superb Surreal Collages – Design You Trust

French Artist SLip Creates Delightfully Otherworldy, Colorful and Superb Surreal Collages

Active in the music world since 1998, SLip is not only a collage artist but a musician as well. His work is inspired by are pop-art, Soviet minimalism, and primary colors.

He uses depth to his advantage to create surreal, otherworldly landscapes where you can really imagine yourself being. SLip’s work focusses on social commentary and is greatly influenced by the Retro-futurist art movement of the 1930s and also by Brutalist architecture. Through his art, he aims to transport us into an imaginary world in which animals go to work, tyrants discover a difficult adolescence, and femme fatales have makeup problems.

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