Artist Creates Architectural Drawings Using Pen and Ink And They Look As If They’re Illuminated With Real Lights – Design You Trust

Artist Creates Architectural Drawings Using Pen and Ink And They Look As If They’re Illuminated With Real Lights

Ukrainian artist and urban sketcher Nikita Busyak has found a way to make his pen and ink sketches glow with life. His realistic drawings mostly revolve around architecture and feature various buildings and cityscapes and are made by using mechanical pen and ink.

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Recently, however, Nikita has added extra effects to his illustrations with stunning results. With each of his new architectural drawings, he started to digitally manipulate the windows of the buildings so that it would seem as if they glow with golden light, making it seem as if the drawing is filled with the darkness of the evening or night.

After completing the final sketch, Busyak uses digital software to add artificial lighting to his drawings. This digital “glow” imitates an unknown fluorescent light source. The Ukrainian artist makes clever use of the placement of the glare, as well as the color that gives the illusion of the lit-up windows in his drawings. These creative choices seem to add another layer to Nikita’s already fantastic sketches. The mystery of the glow makes these illustrations pop off the page.

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