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Incredible 3D Post-Design by Amano


I love the style of modern post design, it’s an incredible combination of 3D, tribal aesthetics, 90s Japanese design hitech and broken typography.

This time pure quintessential style straight from Tokyo by the artist 天乃.

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[image] 134210
[image] 232535
[image] 568061
[image] 731498
[image] 766431
[image] 1190259
[image] 1268754
[image] 1486778
[image] 1666484
[image] 1945214
[image] 2295014
[image] 2683276
[image] 3130304
[image] 3361898
[image] 3616617
[image] 3690124
[image] 3904522
[image] 3984564
[image] 4086680
[image] 4438630
[image] 4484781
[image] 4534952
[image] 4571806
[image] 4592636
[image] 4800914
[image] 4875358
[image] 5040051
[image] 5062314
[image] 5664031
[image] 5680355
[image] 5857051
[image] 6106485
[image] 6369314
[image] 7046483
[image] 7215888
[image] 7576906
[image] 7964179
[image] 8079809
[image] 8315687
[image] 8508492
[image] 8761604
[image] 8784983
[image] 9677442

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