Artist Mixes Up Paintings With Pop Culture, and It Makes Us Want to Look Twice – Design You Trust

Artist Mixes Up Paintings With Pop Culture, and It Makes Us Want to Look Twice

According to Ertan Atay: “There are collages in anachronism, neo dada and surrealist styles in my works. I can say the main theme is pop art collages. I like to bring different objects together. And I like to combine unexpected things with the simplest and humorous language by blending my work with both emotional and humorous language. I can say I’m happy as long as I create. Other than that, I love creating special feelings that bring people together. I am happy to make many people from different countries of feel the same thing.”

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My starting point is the though of “Everything that attracts attention and make one want to take a second look is special.” I like to make difference in perception. I am interested in painting, Renaissance paintings in particular and i like to put them together with modern times. But apart from this, i have satirical photo manipulation works and different tryings.

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