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This Immersive Installation Creates Night View Of Earth

It’s ironic how the rise in technology, which was thought to destroy borders and bring people closer, has coincided with a rise in xenophobia and isolationism. But it’s worth remembering the famous words of Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri: “I could see no border on earth from space.” Inspired by this illuminating thought, Japanese designer Eisuke Tachikawa (Nosigner) wants to show us what Mohri saw through an immersive, technological art installation.

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“Space Space” is an installation recreating a night view of the earth from space using an LED system. A view of earth from 3,000km (1864 mi) encompasses visitors as the walk on a transparent platform.

Pictured here is an installation of Japan and Asia, which was installed as part of the Yokohama Triennial in 2014. However, propelled by recent rising tensions over a border wall in North America, Eisuke Tachikawa has recently launched a campaign to recreate his installation in Yokohama which will portray North America from space.

“We re-created the night view of no borders, 3000 km from space.”

“Many astronauts around the world testified that they changed their perception of the world significantly, released from various fixed ideas, after seeing the earth from outer space. For example, Japanese astronaut Mouri Mi said “From the universe, I could not see the border line”. Although it may not be easy to go to space, it may be possible to reproduce such experiences. Therefore, we decided to precisely reproduce the night view of the Earth from 3000 km above the sky using tens of thousands of light sources.”

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