Artists Installed A Dumpsters Filled With Illuminated Plastic Garbage On The Street In Switzerland

Last June, Spanish art collective Luzinterruptus installed two dumpsters filled with illuminated shopping bags outside the Gewerbemuseum in Switzerland. Entitled “Plastic garbage guarding the museum,” The installation was part of Oh, Plastiksack!, a plastic bag-themed art exhibition. The installation was left in place for 4 months until the bags began to resemble actual garbage.

“After a few weeks the display was no longer as pleasing to the eye and surely after 4 months it will look truly decrepit

This, far from worrying us, helps us to make sense of an installation which you can experience, in a visual manner, the reality of plastic bags, objects generally created with the purpose of inviting consumption and building an image that speaks positively about the brand, but that once used, if not carefully recycled, they become very damaging and impossible to remove from the environment.”

More: Luzinterruptus h/t: laughingsquid

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