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Candid Photographs of Canadian Teenage Girls in the 1940s

There were no mods and rockers in 1940s but simply youths who wanted to have a good time. Although the term ‘teenager’ was not coined until the 1950s the beginnings of the ‘teenager’ can be seen in the 1940s.

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Teens in the 1940s were doing all kinds of new-fangled things like hanging out and developing their own culture of music, dance, fashion, and cars. The youth culture of these kids would evolve into the carefree teen society of the 1950s.

Girls were wearing shorter skirts and teen fashion was becoming a trendy way to express which age group you were part of. It was during this time that dating, parking, school dances, and after school jobs all started to become acceptable parts of being a teen.

These vintage photos from Flickr user @gt_hawk63 were taken in southern Ontario that show lifestyles of Canadian teenage girls around 1944 to the late 1940s.

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