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The Paul Milinski Retro Futuristic Dreamscapes Are Serenity Manifest

Everyone has a “place” or at least an idea of a place where they mentally seek refuge. Perhaps in those quiet moments of daytime fantasy, perhaps simply in the act of disassociation. Until further notice, here’s where you’ll find me whenever I’m at less than 90% of focus – unwinding within the serene dreamscapes designed by one Paul Milinski.

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Milinski currently serves as a Managing Partner and Art Director at the Vaulter design company. And whatever the visual equivalent of Sirens are from Greek mythology – that’s what I genuinely believe he is, given the enchanting allure of the images you’re about to experience.

High-concept meets architectural excellence in these renders. Milinski’s series of imagined environments deliberately expressed through “slender, white modernism” and “clean interiors”, wholly integrated within “a sea of lush plant life and green, rocky terrain.”

“I would describe my work as being in a world where nature is the building and the building is the feature wall. Where leaking light through leaves becomes nature’s disco ball. Places where all living things are seen as equal and where human elements conform to the environment.”

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