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Photographer Captures The Individuality Of Human Beings By Photographing People’s Faces And Their Irises


Alexandru Radu Popescu is a photographer who explores the theme of national identity and individuality through his project UNIC. He was inspired by four photographers who captured iconic figures and state leaders, and he wanted to show the personalities and lifestyles of his subjects.

He used trees as natural extensions of the hair of the people he portrayed on blank walls. He experimented with different techniques and styles, such as shooting the human iris and combining portraits with the iris. He faced some challenges due to the pandemic and lighting issues, but he was satisfied with his results. He photographed Romanian artists and athletes, and he plans to expand his project to cover the entire globe. He chose the title UNIC in Romanian, because he believes that everyone is unique and wonderful.

More: Instagram, TikTok h/t: boredpanda


“We are different, we are the same, and we are all wonderful! My inspiration for this project on observing the work of photographers who captured iconic figures and state leaders. My intention was to individualize my photo’ subjects, to focus on their lifestyles and personalities, and, like my inspirational photographers, capture as many intimate moments and images as possible of some of the most powerful entities in the world.” – Alexandru Radu Popescu.


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